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Art and Botanical Links

Favorite watercolors and gouache for illustrating
[M. Graham]

ARoom without walls 
a cyber gallery
Ted Warnell 

The Art of Jonathan Talbot
Painter, printmaker and collage artist 

Big City Art 
Steve Skinner 
-A unique view of Chicago-

The Art ofDavid Deak
The physicist/artist - Dr. David Deak

Weihong's Studio
-Carol's snake sister-
[Wei Hong]

Ezines and Writers 

The UffiziGallery 
(founded in Florence in 1581) 

Artist's Resources

Conservation OnLine
Resources for Art Conservation Professionals 

Watercolor discussion group and member gallery 

Discussion group for all painting media and member gallery

The Art HistoryResearch Centre
The foremost tool for art research on the internet.

Artist Exchange: The MiningCompany

Ashmolean Museumof Art & Archaeology, Oxford

ARTSWIRE Online Communications For the Arts 

HuntBotanical Institute

Art Q&A
ColorTheory - ColorMixing - pigments

WWAR- World-WideArtists Resources
Imagery from over 8,000 artists.

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Botanical & Biological Resources

Orchid Weblopedia

Roger Tory Peterson Instituteof Natural History

Internet Directoryfor Botany

WWW resources of interest tobotanists, evolutionary biologists, and ecologists

The Society ForEconomic Botany Web Page 

Scott's BotanicalLinks 

Botanical ElectronicalNews

The Plant Tracker 
Not your grandmother's botanical database!

A resource for the gardenerof the 90s 
Botanical Gardens&Herbariums / Botany & Agriculture / Eco-links
Societies & Flowers / Garden Companies / Government Resources 
Pest Control / Indexes&Reference Sources

Virtual Garden
Articles, reviews, advice and databases

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