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BC. Deesse

Traditional Botanical Illustrations.

C. Amethesa
Someday, perhaps, science may isolate a gene for botanical illustration. This could explain Carol's unknowingly furthering a family tradition. About the time Carol's first pieces achieved success at national exhibitions, Herman Bauer, Carol's 87-year old grandfather, visited and saw her work for the first time. He then told about his mother. Her paintings of flowers helped support the family back on the farm in Sebewaing, Michigan.
Oncidium Kalihi
He then began to strongly voice his opinion about two Bauer brothers  his grandfather had told him about ("Franz and Frederick, or something like that") who were too lazy to do "REAL" work.   They traveled and painted flowers! 
P. Parisii
Those Bauer boys turned out to have been Ferdinand (1760 - 1826) and Francis Bauer (1758-1840). The brother's illustrations documented the flora found during this era of discovery by British explorers. Their work is archived at Kew Gardens and the British Museum of Natural History. Carol's work continues this tradition
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